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5 stars
“Excellent service! And they do take kids up to 4 years of age, on a special case basis! Great staff, and excellent dental advice and cleaning. And A&E do minor dental implants and surgical procedures!”
– Brett V.

5 stars
“Dr Habibi and her staff are Amazing! Always review procedures with patient and lay out options. Very professional!”
– Claudia G.

5 stars
“Love the entire staff. Very pleasant and knowledgeable!”
– Zonobia W.

5 stars
“Dr. Habibi and her staff are the best.”
– A.L.F. K.

5 stars
“Great doctors, helpful & courteous staff.”
– Jayesh V.

5 stars
“Prompt, professional, and compassionate people.”
– E. Tyson

5 stars
“Best dentist ever. Very mindful of patients needs “
– Susanne O.

5 stars
“Doctor Habibi is one of the best dentists that I have ever had, and I recommend her to everyone. As strange as it may sound I enjoy my visits to my dentist at Aesthetics & Essentials Dental Group”
– Ali N.

5 stars
“Our family has been going to Dr Golgoun for a decade now. She does a great job with pain management for adults, and she does very well with our kids. As a matter of fact, I’m not able to scare the kids that we’ll have to go to the dentist if they don’t brush their teeth. They love Dr Golgoun!”
– Martin O.

5 stars
“I have being going to this clinic for about 6 years now. Dr. Habibi is a pro and I feel very comfortable with her treatment guidance.
The overall team is great, and visiting is the clinic feels like a part of the extended family.

I warmly recommend Dr. Habibi and staff to anyone interested in general dentistry”
– Max W.

5 stars
“I cannot believe I’m giving a dentist 5 stars, but honestly it’s the first time in my 33 years that I don’t dread coming to the dentist. Dr. Habibi is awesome – she always makes me laugh and makes the whole experience pleasant. The front desk staff is SUPER helpful and always very friendly. One of the women there has gone above and beyond to help me understand my dental coverage and make sure I’m using it to my best benefit, and paying as little as possible out of pocket.

Decent selection of magazines (hey, that’s a consideration!), ample parking, and they stick to your appointment schedule with an 85% success rate. Even if your teeth are not the picture of health, they don’t make you feel bad about it. THey just help you get better, better, better.

I hope I can always stay at this dentist office!! I would travel far and wide for such great service :)”
– Becky M.

5 stars
“Have been a patient for maybe 3 years – crowns, fillings, Invisalign, cleanings, exams, etc. Solid place, highly suggest it. Dr. Habibi and her team have done a great job taking care of my teeth, also very friendly. Feel free to message me directly if you have any specific questions regarding any of my treatments here and you’re reading this review.”
– Lyle Z.

5 stars
“Dr. Habibi and her staff are awesome. They are very professional and make their patients very comfortable. I used to dread going to the dentist and was afraid of the huge needles that were used to numb me. The first time I went to Dr. Habib’s office (many years ago), I knew she would be my dentist for life. She put my mind at ease, talked to me while she was giving me the shot to numb my mouth. I did not even feel the needle.

Dr. Habibi is very competent, honest and ethical.

I recommend Dr. Habibi to all my friends and family.”
– Freshteh T.

5 stars
“I know Dr. Habibi from last 6 months.
The treatment i get here is like the treatment i get from a friend.
so friendly staff, doctors. if i miss and appointment they remind me and call me to reschedule. i loved the way they treat their patients.”

– Siva G.

5 stars
“The cleaning was thorough. I assume this was punishment for when they asked me if I floss and I said “oh all the time.””
– Joe H.

5 stars
“The staff alone is amazing and bonus great dental work! I love going here and being remembered! The dentist are great and very knowledgeable! Love love!”
– Heather B.

5 stars
“After seeing many of dr. Hobibi’s patients with good result with their Invisalign I decided to go back on Invisalign again( previously had inv at another dental office)
I’m so glad that she’s willing to take on my difficult case. Another bonus is the doc n her dental team are awsome. Very friendly n funny too. Def should check this place out if your looking into getting Invisalign”

– Betty M.