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Your oral health care can never be taken lightly. Taking care of your smile can help you keep your teeth healthy and functional. Even the smallest details can have enduring effects. Here are some questions you’ll want to ask yourself if you desire to have a better smile.

– Do you brush your teeth twice and floss your teeth once every single day?
– Are you using any additional mouth cleaning tools after mealtimes, such as sugarless gum or mouthwash?
– Do you protect your mouth with safety gear such as face masks or mouth guards during high-risk activities?
– Do you avoid foods and drinks that are high in sugar and acid?
– Do you incorporate healthy doses of calcium and phosphorus into your daily diet?
– Have you followed your dentists’ instructions since your last checkup?
– Have you received any treatments that were recommended by Dr. Habibi and Dr. Sajid?
– Do you avoid chewing and smoking tobacco and doing drugs?
– Have you scheduled and gone to your regular dental cleanings and exams?

If you have read through this list and found any areas in which you are lacking, we encourage you to improve so that your smile can be amazing. To book a dental checkup with Dr. Habibi, Dr. Sajid, and our Aesthetics & Essentials Dental Group team in Mountain View, California, give us a call at 650-623-0003. We look forward to serving you and your smile!