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Have you ever had a fractured, chipped, discolored, or decaying tooth? Do you still have one? Here at Aesthetics & Essentials Dental Group in Mountain View, California, we offer a great cosmetic treatment known as a dental bonding to repair your smile! This is a simple procedure to fix your damaged tooth by placing a composite resin that is tooth-colored in the needed area. This is a simple and budget-friendly method to protect your tooth from further damage and restore the look of your smile.

Dr. Golgoun Habibi and our professionals want to provide the best functionality and appearance of your smile while preventing tooth decay and gum disease from occurring in the cracks of your teeth. The first step you take is discussing with your dentist what is the best course of treatment and if dental bonding is right for you. If it is, we will use a shade guide to pick the closest tooth color. We will then prepare the tooth, covering it with a conditioning liquid.

Then the composite resin will be placed, shaped, and smoothed to create the desired shape. Then a special ultraviolet light/laser is used to harden the resin. Afterwards, your dentist will then trim and polish to restore your smile. The process lasts as long as it takes for you to run to the grocery store and back.

To make an appointment with Dr. Golgoun Habibi, give Aesthetics & Essentials Dental Group a call at 650-623-0003. Our dental team will be happy to help you restore your smile to the shape and look you want, so contact us today!