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When you eat and drink you are not just putting tasty things in your mouth, but things that can help or hurt your oral health. Today we’re looking at what you should consuming if you want to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as they can be. Our Aesthetics & Essentials Dental Group team in invites you to consider the following:

Are your meals helping or hurting your teeth?
Fruits and vegetables are excellent choices for healthy teeth and gums. Raw veggies often have high levels of water and fiber which balance out harmful sugars while cleaning your teeth. These choices also stimulate saliva production that gets rid of harmful acids and oral debris off of your teeth and neutralizes the acid. Other important foods for your teeth and gums include proteins, so lean meats, and fish, eggs, and beans provide phosphorous as well as beneficial protein. Don’t forget low-fat dairies such as yogurt, cheese, and milk which bring both calcium and protein for healthy teeth and gums.

Are your beverages helping or hurting your teeth?
Sipping sugary beverages like soda or sports drinks regularly can harm your teeth as well as your waistline. Water, especially fluoridated water, helps safely wash away oral debris while helping maintain healthy levels of saliva.

Are your daily snacks helping or hurting your pearly whites?
Snacking all day long on sugars and starches invites cavities. They feed the cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth. Why not stick with nutritious snacks like cheese, yogurt, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. And if you’re not really hungry, you can chew sugarless gum to reduce the risk of cavities while also stimulating saliva production.

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